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Tapas...seafood o’clock...must I say more? Spain was so beautiful. Our short 4-day trip to Barcelona and Madrid was nothing short of amazing. Food coma is bound to happen, but don’t worry, nap time is a norm over there. We’re telling you, Spain is a dreeeeam.




If you’re a night owl who likes food, drinks, and beautiful architecture then you’ve found your place! The Spaniards usually start their day pretty late— meaning you can sleep in to your heart’s desire and not have to miss lunch! That’s right. Wake up at 1pm —> lunch at 3pm —> dinner at 10pm —> clubbing till 6am. Whaaat?! Yes. You heard us right, it’s a very beautiful thing.


Take the time to explore and visit this area. Hang with the locals, listen to some jazz music, and allow yourself to get lost in this amazing city.

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We couldn’t go to Barcelona without visiting one of their many beautiful cathedrals. A popular spot is La Sagrada Familia, and it’s definitely one for the books! The amount of detail that went into building this church blew our mind. Buying your tickets online in advance saves you from waiting in long lines. Oh and also, if you want to get in, learn from our crop-top mistakes and dress on the more conservative side. They have strict rules about dress code: no mid driffs. WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN FROM A CHURCH?! …apparently everyone else but us… heh.

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Gaudi is a renowned Spanish architect you can’t miss out on! Some of his most famous works include Casa Batlló, La Sagrada Familia, and Park Guell. We visited the colorful and beautiful Park Guell, and it’s definitely iconic. Reserve your tickets in advance online. You’ll thank us later.

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Rooftop views, high-end shopping, michelin star restaurants….ohhh you were good to us.


We spent 1 day here, but highly recommend taking a stop at their food market - Mercado San Miguel. There’s great food and so much variety to choose from! We had our best meals here while in Spain. We even had our first Michelin Star restaurant experience, where we ordered most of the items off the menu. To this day, it’s probably one of the best meals we’ve had yet (listed in the itinerary!)

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  1. Do NOT shop on a Sunday! Almost all stores are closed except souvenir shops & restaurants.

  2. Shop in Spain because… no sales tax!!!

  3. Keep your belongings close to you at ALL times. Pickpocketing happens quite often in Spain.

  4. Cover up when you enter churches. They have a conservative dress code.

  5. Purchase your tickets online in advance for La Sagrada FAMILIA and PARK GUELL to avoid the lines.

  6. Take a train to travel to Madrid (3-hour train ride from Barcelona).

  7. Wear comfortable shoes. There is so much walking.

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Madrid had some of the biggest parks we could imagine. Walking through Parque del Buen Retiro felt like an eternity, but on the bright side the views were worth it and, more importantly, we got our steps in!

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Every single person we’ve talked to who has been to Spain rave about the food, and now we can finally say it ourselves, their food is amazing here! Lunch is the biggest meal of the day so make sure you get full off of their amazing paellas and tapas! We had a lot of sangria and some of our favorite tapas dishes included pork, jumbo prawn, chocolate churros… the list is endless.

That was a summary of our best highlights from our 4-day trip in Spain (3-days in Barcelona, 1 day in Madrid). Hope this helps you in your travels. Check out our full itinerary to see all the places we visited, but didn’t have the chance to write about!

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