Konnichiwa Japan


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Loved loved loved the busy streets of Tokyo! Looking for things to do? Trust me. There is no such thing as boredom here. Every district in Tokyo has it's own uniqueness! This trip was amazing because... 

1) I got to live out my Tokyo drift dreams by go-karting through Tokyo as my favorite character Mario
2) Every. single. restaurant. was. heaven.
3) My sugar cravings were extremely satisfied by Harajuku crepes
4) Endless green tea kit kat bars EVERYWHERE
5) The genuine Japanese people and culture <3

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We took about a 1 hour train ride outside of Tokyo to the majestic town of Hakone - a land of lush greens, onsen (natural hot springs), and mountain views. Hakone has this natural beauty to it that makes you feel at ease. We decided to immerse ourselves into the Japanese culture by staying at a ryokan which is a traditional Japanese style inn. So glad we got to experience this! We got to dress up in traditional kimonos (perfect for the gram), enjoyed an elaborate 8-course dinner (perfect for the belly), and slept on futon beds (perfect for da snuggles). What's not to love?! Oh and while you're at it...go to the onsen with your gal pals for the ultimate bonding experience. It'll take your friendship to a whole new level-- Clothing is prohibited in the hot springs :) 

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The land of temples, shrines, and beautiful gardens

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This large city is known for it's night life, shopping, and endless street food. Are you one of those that travel for food? I think I just helped you find your favorite place in the world. Check out the heart of Osaka at Dotonbori. 

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While in Osaka, we took a 1-hour train ride to Nara to hangout with my deer-old frands :) They're adorable and all, but man some are fiesty little fellas. 

How to get a photo with the deer? Bribe them with Deer-cookies and have your selfie camera ready.  

Pro tip: Make sure to keep those cookies hidden or else you'll have a swarm of deer heading toward ya. You're welcome. 

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-  Shoes are so important! Make sure you wear comfy shoes if you're going to be out exploring all day
- Do your shopping at the end of the trip so you don't have to carry it from city to city [Don Quijote is like the Walmart of Japan and has EVERYTHING! Go to the Mega Store!]
- Pack light if you're traveling to multiple cities (carry-on size, if possible)
- There are lockers at some stations for you to store your luggage if you need to
- Google maps was our best friend to navigate around Tokyo
- Purchase your JR pass if you're planning to travel to multiple cities within Japan (check online if it's cost effective for you as it depends on which cities you're traveling to)



  • Shabu Shabu at Nabezo

  • Deep Fried Wagyu Beef at GyuKatsu

  • Wagyu Pieces at Jiromaru

  • Seafood at Isomaru Suisan

  • Crepes in Harajuku

  • Ramen at Ichiran Ramen

  • Yakitori at Omoide Yokocho "Piss Alley"

  • Japanese BBQ at Kintan

  • Sushi at Maguro Koya


Hope you enjoyed the culture of Japan as much as I did! Check out our itinerary if you want to get the details on all the other amazing places we visited!


you'll see...

  • Exact locations we visited

  • Where we took our photos

  • Our schedule for the entire trip

  • Favorite restaurants we ate at

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