Malibu Farm


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If we're feeling a little bougie and want to leave the OC bubble to be extra for the day-- hah! who are we kidding, we're always extra.. then Malibu is our calling. It's got everything you can ask for: beach vibes, hiking, ocean-front homes, cute cafes, maybe even some celebrity spottings!  One thing we made sure to hit on our bucket list is Malibu Farms and trust us, you'll want to go too! Here's why:

1) Serves delicious fresh and organic food

2) Sits right on the pier

3) Aesthetics are insane INSIDE & OUT

(if this doesn't sell you, then get out.)


We came here for my 27th birthday and absolutely loved it! We decided to sit outside on the pier to take advantage of the ocean view. Because we came during January it was a little chilly, but they were definitely prepared. They had heating lamps and cute "Malibu Farm" blankets for you to wrap yourself in, it was a great little touch! We also appreciated that they had lots of healthy options on their menu.

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Freshly squeezed orange juice: tasted like any other freshly squeezed OJ, but still good and came in a really cute mason jar

Cauliflower pizza: our first time having cauliflower pizza; it was filling and delicious for pizza made of.. cauliflower 

Crab Cakes: SOOOO good! Probably our favorite item off the menu. I still dream about these crab cakes

Breaded Crusted Chicken: not bad, but probably our least favorite of the items we ordered

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Overall, Malibu Farms was a wonderful experience but it a little more on the pricier end. That being said, you definitely pay for the ocean views and ambience. 

WARNING: OUTSIDE ocean views come with birds

If you know me at all... birds are the death of me. So you can bet the whole time I sat with my legs up.

We definitely suggest coming here with your girlfriends. They'll 100% appreciate this cute little cafe, and after your meal you can walk further down the pier to check out their adorable Malibu shop. 

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Thanks for reading! Until next time..