Canyoneering in Arizona


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If you're like us and crave for constant adventure (but you broke and out of PTO days), then I recommend taking our quick weekend trip to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend!!! We did it ya'll... and we did it within only 3 DAYS. And it was amazing I tell you. AMAZING!! 

Adventure? Check. Good workout? Check. Beautiful views? Checkkkkkkk. Let me give you the low down:



We left for our road trip early Friday morning and it took us around 8 hours from Orange County to get to Horseshoe Bend-- just in time for the sunset. And I gotta tell you, Horseshoe Bend is insanely beautiful during golden hour. It was absolutely perfect. Parking at the nearby lot wasn't bad and the hike to the observation area was also relatively short & easy. People of all hiking level skills could access it. It took us only about 30 minutes to hike to the cliffs for that epic view.

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That night, we stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Lake Powell - decent room, affordable, and only a 10 minute drive from Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Valley. I'd say it was a win-win!!



We woke up early to hike Lower Antelope Canyon for the 11AM tour.

NOTE: You can tour either Upper Antelope Canyon or Lower Antelope Canyon. People are not able to access the canyons without a tour guide so we booked our tour using Ken's Tour.

Believe it or not, these photos were taken with an iPhone!!

Lower Antelope Canyon is known to reflect pretty colors of the canyon during peak hours and is the lesser crowded trail of the two. Knowing us of course, we chose that route because... INSTAGRAM and cause we baasic. You have the option to take a "Photographer's Tour" as well where you get 1 extra hour on the tour, bring your own professional camera gear, and the guide teaches you how to adjust your settings. We decided to take the General Tour though and instead stayed ahead/behind the crowd to capture 1-on-1 photos. And it did not disappoint. Totally worth trekking down ladders and although photos of the canyon are beautiful it's even BETTER in person. 

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  • Reserve your spot in advance at Ken's Tours: $40/person (update: prices recently changed)

  • Best time to SEE beautiful light beams is from 11:00AM to 1:30PM

  • Bring $8 cash for the Navajo Park Permit Fee


After Antelope Canyon, we decided to spend one night in Las Vegas on our way back. It made sense being the midpoint from Arizona and Southern California. But did you think our adventure ended there?!! WELL THINK AGAIN. We made a pitstop in Zion on our way to Vegas. YAAAAASS more hiking!! We only had time to do a short 30 minute, easy hike in Zion so we did the Canyon Overlook Trail. 


Zion National Park: Canyon Overlook Trail

Zion National Park: Canyon Overlook Trail

Zion National Park: Canyon Overlook Trail

Zion National Park: Canyon Overlook Trail



Checked out of our hotel in Vegas, filled our bellies at the Bacchanal Buffet, and continued our road trip back home.

Note: Photo taken from Google

Note: Photo taken from Google


So there it is!! Our 3-day weekend trip to Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Zion. If you'd like more details to this trip, check out our itinerary. It's got links, addresses, and errthang!