Pacific Hideaway


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Pacific Hideaway is this cute little gem right near the water on Huntington Beach. If you’re looking for an aesthetic place with cute drinks, a sweet view, and happy hour deals then look no further because this is the spot!



This restaurant is located either inside/near a hotel. It has a beautiful interior with trendy couches, beautifully printed floors, and this amazing painting on the walls. You called it... the perfect place for a Bui Basics photoshoot, or just a cute photos with your friends. You can also find outside seating, which is just as awesome. Outside seating means you get to sit on their rooftop with a view of Huntington’s iconic main street shops and you can even spot the ocean from there.

If you want to save a spot, it’s very easy to make reservations here. Just go to their website and you can easily make an online reservation in advance!

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1) Make a reservation online in advance

2) Check out their happy hour times:

Monday-Friday: 4PM - 7PM
Saturday-Sunday: 2PM - 5PM



Finally. The good stuff. We came here during Happy Hour, and liked everything we ordered!

  • Basic Burger - Tasty simple burger with cheese, meat, patty, pickles and very flavorfully cooked fries

  • Strawberry Mojito - Loved it! Super refreshing

  • PCH Lettuce Wraps - Delicious and actually pretty filling. They gave us a good amount of meat.

  • Pork Dumplings - Our favorite item. Great for a snack because it felt light and had delicious ponzu sauce with it!

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Unfortunately, our stomachs failed us and wouldn’t let us order every single item off the menu to review for you guys. (It’s like our bodies want us to feel full so we don’t constantly eat… CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!) Anyway, we are definitely coming back for more food next time— and bringing all of our girlfriends here as well!