We both grew up in Orange County, and are sisters who love experiencing new things together. We've gotten lots of questions in the past about places we like to go to or where we like to shop so we decided to share our appreciation about all the "basic" things we enjoy.. voila Bui Basics!



Hi there! I'm 27 years old and currently work as a User Experience Designer. I've been living in Orange County most of my life, but would like to see more of the world. I love shopping, all things creative, and eating at aesthetic places. I have many very different interests-- one of them being photography. I thought creating a blog would be the perfect creative outlet to share my life and some knowledge for anyone interested in doing the same things. Enjoy!!!



I'm a California native- born in NorCal but raised in SoCal- and the youngest of three girls. I went to UC Irvine where I studied Economics and have a career in Finance. I love what I do but outside my 8-5 gig, I'm pretty much your basic gal. I love exploring new places, eating anything delicious (ice cream & cookies are my favs), and spending time with my friends and fam. Hoping this blog will allow me to share any great finds I come across. Hope it helps you!